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Professional Trader Withdraws Over $6K, Explains Why OneUp Trader Is The Best Prop Firm

Who Is He & Why He Chose OneUp Trader

Franco is a professional trader from Florida and has withdrawn $6,200 in less than 20 days of trading his funded trading account. Franco first learned about trading at a friend’s house and got hooked since then. Trading started as a hobby, but he quickly realized he needed to take a more serious approach to be successful, so he began trading a funded account at OneUp Trader and his own personal account.

Franco highly recommends all traders, especially newbie traders who have just started their trading journey, to go through the OneUp Trader Evaluation program. He states that most traders are likely to lose money in the beginning, so instead of risking their own capital, it will be rather prudent to sign up for an evaluation with OneUp Trader and enjoy a risk-free trading experience.

Funded Trading Account Daily Performance

How Does Franco Trade?

Franco does not use any indicators or oscillators but instead focuses on market internals such as the advance-decline line and the tick chart. He also incorporates the concept of correlation between the Dollar and the equity markets to inform his trading decisions. There is around a 10-minute holding time per winning trade and a 44% win rate. Franco trades primarily the E-mini Nasdaq 100 (NQ), making over $10,000 on his funded trading account.

Most of Franco’s profits came from shorting NQ, which makes sense as the NQ has recently been in a continuous downtrend. One of the excellent hallmarks of professional traders is that they trade in line with the overall market trend instead of fighting it. Franco truly exhibits this quality, and that is worthy of emulation. Higher time frame analysis and trading in line with the prevailing trend will tip the odds in your favor as a trader.

A Deeper Look Into Franco’s stats

Franco had a 2.92 profit factor with a 44% win rate. Just like Jipson, Franco is another funded trader who was still profitable and made a withdrawal with a win rate of less than 50%. This shows that if you have the proper discipline and a withdrawal goal, you can take great advantage of the opportunity OneUp Trader provides you.

Francos Horrible Experience At Another Firm

Franco was funded for two months at another firm and was in the profit for approximately $13,000. He wanted to make a large withdrawal, but due to their payout rules, he was not allowed to request the entire amount. Consequently, Franco technically broke a rule by holding trades overnight at this firm. The position size was very insignificant, only two micros. They ended up closing his account, keeping all the profits for themselves. Their customer support was slow, something that will not occur at OneUp since our support team runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To put extra rules on the trader once funded, or even worse, make it borderline impossible to request withdrawals even after making a profit, means trading becomes very difficult and uncomfortable. At OneUp Trader, funded traders can request profit withdrawals from the first day of getting funded with their funding provider. Withdrawals are processed the same day without any wire charges or fees passed on to the trader. There is no cap or limit to the amount that you can withdraw!

OneUp Trader believes in empowering traders and giving them the best chance at making money in the market. Instead of forcing traders to jump hoops and hurdles like other firms, everything we do is geared towards helping traders and providing them with the tools to get easy funding with zero risks and liabilities.

To learn more about Franco’s approach, watch his interview below: