interview of successful funded trader russia

An Interview with a Successful OneUp Funded Trader, Vladislav Y., Tolyatti, Russia

In this interview, Vladislav discusses his trading journey, how he became a trader, his trading style, how he found OneUp trader, the features of OneUp, how OneUp is better than all other prop trading companies, and more. You can listen to him speak through this link. How he became a trader When asked how he became Read More…

Strategies Trading Tips

A Beginner’s Guide to Futures Trading Strategies

Futures trading is a process to buy or sell futures trading instruments at an agreed price on an exchange. Futures contracts are an agreement where trades happen on an established exchange. Futures trading is different from the traditional financial markets like forex, stocks, indices, or precious metal. Therefore, traders often confuse or scare about future Read More…

successful OneUp funded trader interview

An Interview With OneUp’s Successful Funded Trader, Joe H., London

Joe H. from London shares how he began his journey as a futures trader. He shares his trading experience with OneUp and explains how OneUp offers traders better options for success compared to related companies out there. He equally shared his tricks for success and offers some useful advice to traders. You can follow this Read More…