Bitcoins on a table

What Is Cryptocurrency? The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Currency (2021)

Cryptocurrencies are slowly taking over the world. These popular payment systems have become a global phenomenon that compels more and more people to try and get their hands on even just a few digital coins. More cryptocurrency startups keep popping up, providing people with cryptocurrency-based services as an alternative to traditional banking. But what is Read More…

popular candlestick patterns

Popular Candlestick Chart Patterns

Now that we have shown you how to read Candlestick Charts and how to incorporate them into your trading regimen, we’ll take a look at some of the more commonly appearing chart formations and popular candlestick patterns. It does not matter whether you’re trading currencies, futures, fixed income, equities, or cryptocurrencies, Japanese candlestick patterns provide Read More…

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What are and how to read Candlestick Charts?

Understanding different chart types and recognizing important price patterns will help you optimize your trading, whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader. Alongside fundamental and or technical analysis, the ability to recognize a trend reversal or a continuation pattern should enhance your trading skills,  Whether you trade forex, futures, fixed income, equities, or Read More…