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outcome of the Election Day on Futures Trading

What is the outcome of the Election Day on Futures Trading?

Uncertainty commonly has a serious effect on the financial markets. This is especially so with real-time futures trading due to the nature

investment stockbroker trading

OneUp’s Trailing Drawdown/Auto liquidate threshold Value rule and money Management

You must exercise discipline to succeed as a futures trader. You need the proper implementation of basic essential elements of trade to make

Futures Trading Checklist

Futures Trading Checklist

When given the choice between trading objectively and trading through the gut, the odds are that an objective strategy might suit you better.

Interview with OneUp Funded Trader: Gil. Y.

Before joining OneUp trader and receiving funding from the site, he had little knowledge of money and risk management. His entire trading strategy

Crude Oil Futures Market

Crude Oil Futures Market and Backwardation

Crude oil is a “spiky” commodity. Now and then, someone will truly require it, today, and can pay a high price

Convenience Yield and Backwardation

Convenience Yield and Backwardation

If an investment is in “backwardation”, that’s, when futures costs are lower compared to present costs, does that imply