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Gold Surges as Dollar Declines Amid Reduced June Rate Hike Bets

On Thursday, gold surged by nearly 1% to reach a one-week peak due to a decline in the dollar’s value

Oil Barrells

Crude Oil futures bounce off parabolic channel

Technical analysis RSI: There is bullish divergence on the Relative strength index on the daily chart. Support zone: Prices are bouncing

Crude oil (CL) futures

Oil Declines on Stronger Dollar and Weaker Chinese Data

Oil prices fell on Wednesday due to a stronger US dollar and disappointing data from China, raising concerns about demand. Chinese manufacturing activity

Equities End Flat Amid Debt Ceiling Woes, Support from Nvidia

Worries over opposition to a debt ceiling increase pressured equities on Equities, resulting in a mixed closing on Tuesday. However, the market received

COVID-19 Revives Ultra-Safe European Bonds

T-Bond futures target hit for maximum profit and how to read capitulation candles

Recap from last weeks trade On May 2nd, we looked at taking a short trade that has now hit the maximum target. It

what to look out for when watching a stock

Equities Decline, But Debt Ceiling Optimism Lifts Wall Street Futures

European equities experienced slight declines on Monday, while Eurozone bond yields decreased. However, the news of a debt ceiling deal in the US