Andrews Pitchfork Trading Strategies

Andrews Pitchfork Andrews Pitchfork is a technical analysis indicator developed by Dr. Alan Andrews in the 1960s. It has become a widely used tool among traders and technical analysts. The indicator consists of three parallel trendlines drawn on a price chart. The middle trendline connects two extreme points, usually a peak and a trough. The Read More…

Interest Futures
Fundamental Analysis

Interest Futures Decline as Upbeat Data Dims Rate Cut Bets

Interest futures fell on Thursday as more positive US economic data pushed back expectations for Fed rate cuts. However, investors became risk averse as geopolitical tensions escalated, putting a floor on further declines.  US jobless claims (Source: Labor Department) Data released on Thursday revealed an unexpected decline in US initial jobless claims last week, showing Read More…

Fundamental Analysis

Gold Prices Edge Higher Amidst Rising Middle East Tensions

Gold prices rose on Wednesday as Middle East tensions had investors looking for safety in the safe haven of yellow metal. Moreover, a decline in the dollar made gold cheaper for foreign buyers, increasing its demand.  Notably, the Israel-Hamas war has escalated since last week with more strikes on vessels in the Red Sea. Additionally, Read More…

Market Overview

Japan’s Nikkei Soars to Peaks Unseen Since 1980s

Japan’s stock market has reached new heights not seen since the country’s asset bubble in the late 1980s. Back then, share prices soared to astronomical levels, fueling a national mood of affluence and speculation. 87-year-old investor Kazukuni Yamazaki recalls the spectacle of daily stock fluctuations drawing crowds of eager onlookers, including young office workers. Luxury Read More…

Fundamental Analysis

Equities Slide with Fed Rate Cut Bets on Unexpected US Inflation

Equities closed lower on Tuesday as investors continued to absorb the shock of higher-than-expected US inflation. US markets stayed closed on Monday due to a holiday. Meanwhile, last week, the rally in equities reversed when the US reported upbeat consumer and wholesale inflation figures. As a result, investors lost hope of early Fed rate cuts Read More…

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Technical Analysis

Bitcoin Surges above $52,000; Upside Expected

Weekly Chart The weekly time frame shows that price is approaching the previous all-time high, a big milestone for Bitty. The swing high extensions (Swing:SH Ext at 32165) serve as a reference point for potential resistance on further moves up. This swing indicator will likely print a higher low soon around $40,000. Key Levels to Read More…