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Funded Trader Program Vital Guidelines

Discover essential strategies for the OneUp Trader funded trader program, including risk management and trading discipline, for a successful trading career. Taking your first step toward funded trading marks an exciting milestone but requires careful planning and a strategic approach to enhance your chances of success. In this guide, we will go through the essential Read More…

Convenience Yield and Backwardation
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The Beginner’s Guide to Trading Price Action

Price action trading is one of retail trader’s and investors’ most popular trading techniques. It involves analyzing an asset’s price movements on a chart to identify trade opportunities, without relying on technical indicators. Mastering price action can take time, but the basic principles are straightforward enough for beginners to understand. This guide will cover the Read More…

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The Importance of Effective Risk Management in Trading

When it comes to managing risk in trading, it is essential to understand how to do it effectively. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting your journey into the financial markets, understanding the importance of managing risk is essential to safeguarding your capital and achieving long-term success. This guide will explore why risk management Read More…

COVID-19 Revives Ultra-Safe European Bonds
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T-Bond futures target hit for maximum profit and how to read capitulation candles

Recap from last weeks trade On May 2nd, we looked at taking a short trade that has now hit the maximum target. It was a very simple position where we took a short as the market refused to push through a resistance zone. Trading can be very simple if we use the correct mindset, manage Read More…

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9 Ways To Maximize Your Futures Trading Profit

Looking to maximize your futures trading profit? This article discusses 9 ways that will help you. Futures trading can be profitable for those who approach it with a solid understanding of markets and a disciplined approach to risk management.  In this article, we will explore some of the best ways to increase profitability in futures Read More…

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Crude Oil Futures (CL) 5:1 risk reward ratio trade on hand

Symmetrical triangle formation is offering us a great long trade opportunity. Analysis of how we can take the trade adjusting risk along the way. Explaining why a pattern like this is so beneficial for traders to understand. Symmetrical Triangle Triangles are popular technical analysis patterns because they have good reliability and the structure of the Read More…