The Rising US Unemployment Figure Delays Labour Market Recovery
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Rising US Unemployment Figure Delays Labour Market Recovery

The number of Americans that applied for employment benefits heightened at an unprecedented rate for the second week. The increase in the rate of unemployment shows that the expected labor market recovery is slowing down against expectations.  The previous numbers of people who regularly claimed unemployment benefit reduced by 60,000 to 1.48 million last week Read More…

COVID-19 US Mortgage Rate And Home Buyers
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COVID-19 Recession Pushes Down US Mortgage Rate And Benefits Home Buyers

US New home sales hit an unprecedented record last May. The Coronavirus epidemic brought the market to a standstill. However, the aftermath of low mortgage rates it created got many buyers rushing back into the housing market.  The sale of single-family houses rose by 16.6%, making the second-biggest number of sales recorded in a month Read More…

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Coronavirus Crisis Boosts Online Sales And The Price Of E-Commerce Stocks

ECommerce stock prices soar high, thanks to Coronavirus and social distancing. The contemporary wave of online shopping has seen an interesting new dimension to the COVID-19 Crisis. While traditional shopping gets limited due to lockdown measures, online shopping has become more dynamic. People who previously wouldn’t purchase things online are now compelled by the present situation to start looking online. Read More…

COVID-19 Geopolitical Challenges
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COVID-19: The Path to Financial Stability, Policy Responses, and Geopolitical Challenges

Technically, de-urbanization would further slow down economic growth. Unlike developed nations, the continuous movement of individuals from rural regions to expanding city areas has become vital to reduce poverty in developing countries. That said, there is a need for better economic policies to ensure financial stability for cosmopolitan cities that may have long-term consequences. Responses Read More…

Economies and COVID-19 Aftermath

Economies Rebound As Countries Ease their COVID-19 Lockdown Measures

Economies that take the primary steps to ease COVID-19 lockdown measures are beginning to record significant improvements in suppressing the virus. This gradually leads to economic recoveries. Also, it is an indication that the second upsurge of the coronavirus infections is unlikely to occur.  The initial phases of recovery from the COVID-19 recession are comparatively Read More…

blockchain and digital currency
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Digital Currencies And The Future Of Money

Blockchain-based digital currencies could revolutionize the financial industry. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin reverse the traditional modes of transactions between individuals and organizations.  If adopted as an alternative to fiat, they can reduce transaction costs and eliminate the need for intermediaries. This will in turn minimize counterparty risks and stabilize the price. A digital fiat like the Read More…