qualitative analysis

Qualitative Analysis

Qualitative analysis refers to using subjective judgment to analyze and assess a company’s prospects or value. The conclusion is based on non-quantifiable data, such as labor relations, development and research, industry cycles, and management expertise. Qualitative analysis is not to be mistaken for quantitative analysis, as the two terms differ by the focus of the Read More…

fundamental analysis

Fundamental Analysis: Definition, Types & Value Investing

If you’re a value or equity investor, you’ve probably heard of fundamental analysis. Equity analysts, securities analysts, financial accountants, and corporate managers use fundamental analysis to determine the value of various securities, such as stocks, bonds, and derivatives. Whether you want to measure business acumen, find a good company to invest in, or predict the Read More…

consumer confidence index

Both the S&P 500 and NASDAQ End Records Pushing Consumer Confidence to Their Pre Pandemic Levels

The two most significant stock markets indexes globally, the S&P500 and NASDAQ, ended Tuesday in a pretty remarkable fashion. The shares of some of the biggest banks got a nice boost after dividend hikes were announced, which is in direct contrast to the expected high valuations across the delta variant due to the global pandemic. Read More…