How OneUp leads the Competition: Interview with Funded Trader, Louis A.

Louis A., a Funded Trader from Humble, Texas narrated his trading experience with OneUp, how he started, got funding, and offered his best advice to traders. He also compared OneUp Trader with TopStep and showed why OneUp leads the competition. You can follow this link to listen to the video interview. How He Started, What Read More…


Life Of A Futures Trader: Feasibility Of Switching To Full-Time Trading

The first thing to note is that making a living on day trading is perfectly viable, but it is not necessarily easier or less work than a normal day job. The benefits are fair that you are your boss and can plan your work hours as you desire. Trading on your laptop also means you Read More…

outcome of the Election Day on Futures Trading
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What is the outcome of the Election Day on Futures Trading?

Uncertainty commonly has a serious effect on the financial markets. This is especially so with real-time futures trading due to the nature of the market. The personality of the future supports this idea. The asset is valued at its future value, not its present value. Any event that threatens the market’s projection is likely to Read More…

investment stockbroker trading
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OneUp’s Trailing Drawdown/Auto liquidate threshold Value rule and money Management

You must exercise discipline to succeed as a futures trader. You need the proper implementation of basic essential elements of trade to make profits long-term in the market. Trading without a sufficient amount of experience is one of the reasons many traders lose money. Traders must know how to properly manage their risk and control Read More…


Interview with OneUp Funded Trader: Gil. Y.

Before joining OneUp trader and receiving funding from the site, he had little knowledge of money and risk management. His entire trading strategy revolved around technical analysis. However, after joining OneUp, he has grown to be a successful trader by “10,000 percent”. Some of his best advice is to start each trading with a clear Read More…

Crude Oil Futures Market
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Crude Oil Futures Market and Backwardation

Crude oil is a “spiky” commodity. Now and then, someone will truly require it, today, and can pay a high price for immediacy. The industry for oil in Cushing, Oklahoma may be moderately effective, but what occurs when somebody in Peoria requires oil now? A good business potential! Instead of managing a hotel, you construct Read More…

Convenience Yield and Backwardation
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Convenience Yield and Backwardation

If an investment is in “backwardation”, that’s, when futures costs are lower compared to present costs, does that imply that futures markets are discouraging storage (encouraging disgorgement)? This article provides an answer to the question. Several individuals might argue that futures costs are extremely small to make people withhold physical petroleum products and then sell Read More…