COVID-19 Revives Ultra-Safe European Bonds
Technical Analysis

T-Bond Futures (ZB) Technical Update

Introduction The T-Bond Futures (ZB) market exhibits a notable consolidation forming on the daily chart, with current price action gravitating towards the 50 and 100 moving averages, signaling potential shifts in market sentiment for the time being. Daily Chart Analysis It is clear that ZB has been a short sellers dream for the past few Read More…

Technical Analysis

Crude Oil Futures (CL) Technicals: Bulls Get Fired Up

Weekly Chart Analysis:The weekly chart gives us a broader perspective and a longer-term view that we use for our trend analysis which means the weekly doesn’t necessarily have to be a chart we look at taking positions. The noteworthy psychological $100 level stands out, but before we get there, let’s focus on the more immediate Read More…

Technical Analysis

Bullish Sentiment Remains High In Gold Futures (GC)

Last week, we analyzed the price action in Gold and maintained a bullish stance on the yellow metal. As we look at the updated price discovery, nothing has changed with GC now moving into a price level to test an important resistance level at $2019. The Gold chart shows a significant recovery from a support Read More…

Nasdaq 100 index futures (NQ)
Technical Analysis

NASDAQ Futures (NQ) Eyeing New Records: Aiming for All-Time Highs

Introduction Today, we take a technical view of the NASDAQ 100 E-mini Futures (NQ) using both weekly and daily charts to identify critical price levels and trends. Equities are targeting all-time highs, and NQ is no different. Let’s see what the charts tell us and if we see all-time highs being hit by year’s end. Read More…

Technical Analysis

E-mini Dow Jones (YM) Futures: Levels and Trends

IntroductionThe E-mini Dow Jones (YM) Futures have been exhibiting a consolidation and breakout pattern, as observed in the weekly and daily charts. We must closely monitor these fluctuations to gauge the market’s course as we approach the end of the year. Do you think we will reach all-time highs in equities before year’s end? Let’s Read More…