Mr Bond line simple trading strategy

Simple Trading Strategy Mr. Bond Lines [VIDEO]

Have you heard about the Bond line trading strategy? It is a simple trading strategy that measures the daily ranges.  Fun fact: It was developed in 2021 by one of the traders, named Bond.  For those who were thinking the strategy was related to James Bond. Unfortunately, it’s not. It’s about finding the highest and Read More…

Crude oil and futures trading

Crude Oil (CL) Futures Outlook: Renewed Supply Concerns Might Push Prices Higher

G7 leaders have agreed to a possible ban on Russian oil. Saudi Arabia might be unable to boost output, bringing back supply concerns. Political unrest in oil-producing countries could lead to tighter global supply. The outlook for Crude oil futures today is bullish due to the supply concerns fueled by primary producers Saudi Arabia and Read More…

E-mini S&P 500 (ES) futures

E-mini S&P 500 (ES) Futures Forecast: Higher Prices Expected Amid China’s Easing

China’s easing of COVID-19 restrictions has rekindled hopes for better growth prospects. The ECB will raise rates gradually. 4000.00 is the next target on the charts. The E-mini S&P 500 (ES) futures outlook is bullish owing to China’s easing of COVID-19 restrictions, giving hope for a better growth outlook. On Tuesday, China reduced the quarantine Read More…

MACD indicator
Strategies Trading Tips

How to Read MACD Indicator – Explained

Moving average convergence divergence (MACD) is one of the most versatile technical indicators – it’s both a trend and momentum indicator. The MACD indicator can best be described as a 2-in-1 indicator; it shows the start of a bullish or bearish trend using the MACD crossover and the strength or weakness of a trend with Read More…

Japanese Yen

Japanese Yen (6J) Futures: Macro Fundamentals Show a Big Downside Potential

Dollar weakness has pushed yen futures’ prices a bit higher. The BOJ’s summary of views for the June meeting is dovish. Bulls are in control on the 4-hour chart. Japanese Yen (6J) futures prices are pushing slightly higher on Monday, boosted by the declining US dollar. The summary of views at the BOJ’s June meeting Read More…

gold futures (GC)

Gold (GC) Futures Prices Could Plummet After Jerome Powell’s Hawkish Testimony

Improved risk sentiment is pushing gold prices lower. The dollar rally might resume as the Fed is not planning to pause its mission of rate hikes. The price of Gold is consolidating on the charts. Gold futures (GC) prices are pushing slightly higher on Friday after a bearish close yesterday as commodities continued declining across Read More…

crude oil futures (CL)

Crude Oil Futures (CL) Prices trading Lower on Demand Concerns Amid Recession

Investors expect fuel demand to go down amid a possible recession. Russia is finding ways to keep its oil exports up by focusing on emerging economies. CL price is testing the May 19 lows in the charts. Crude oil futures (CL) prices continued to collapse on Thursday as major economies faced a possible recession that Read More…

E-mini S&P 500

E-mini S&P 500 (ES) Futures: Bears Return Ahead of Jerome Powell’s Testimony

The best day on Wall Street ended today as markets turned lower on recession fears. Investors are unsure whether inflation has peaked. US President Joe Biden is expected to call for temporary tax relief on gasoline. E-mini S&P 500 (ES) futures rose overnight as investors hoped the economic outlook would not be as bad as Read More…

Nasdaq 100 futures (NQ)

Nasdaq 100 (NQ) Futures Price Collapse Paused but Set to Return

Investors are breathing easier after the recent selloff. Central banks will not pause in their fight against inflation. Recession fears are still plaguing most investors. The Nasdaq 100 (NQ) futures prices are pushing higher on Tuesday as some risk sentiment returns to the equity market. The dollar is pushing lower after its rally, showing a Read More…

Canadian dollar

Canadian Dollar (6C) Futures Pushing Higher Ahead of Canada’s Inflation Data

Expectations of rising prices in Canada are growing. The Bank of Canada is trying to manage price increases and avoid self-fulfilling inflation. On the charts, the RSI is showing signs of weakness in the bearish trend. The Canadian dollar (6C) futures is trying to recover some ground ahead of Canada’s inflation data. The pullback was Read More…