Fundamental Analysis

Equities Declining Amid China’s Strict Measures to Curb COVID

China’s Covid cases continue to plague markets as investors fear the return of the zero-COVID policy. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development will soon release its most recent economic outlook. Goldman Sachs warned that the global equities bear market is not yet over. Equities dropped on concerns that China would resume stricter COVID-19 control Read More…

Crude oil (CL) futures
Market Overview Technical Analysis

Crude Oil (CL) Futures Forms a Dragonfly Doji On Parabolic Curve

A powerful Dragonfly Doji was formed during yesterday’s volatile session. CL prices bounce off of the Parabolic curve mentioned last Friday. What to expect next? The Parabolic Curve Acts as a Support In yesterday’s volatile session, CL dropped over 6% right into the support zone and the parabolic curve we mentioned in Friday’s technical analysis. Read More…

Market Overview Technical Analysis

Technical Outlook: Dow Jones (YM) Futures Prices Continue to Rally

A closer look into the Parabolic channels. Consolidation on the hourly chart could break in either direction. Parabolic Channels With parabolic channels, we take the same approach when drawing the main parabola; we need at least 3 points to make the connection. I’ve marked the main parabola in the image below with the connection points. Read More…