Fed approach to inflation
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US Federal Reserve Shifts From Inflation to Price-Level Targeting

The Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell declared a flexible tactic of aiming at inflation that lets it surpass the intended 2% level temporarily if this level has been undershot before. The aim of the alteration tactics is to increase the inflation rate after many years and this is when it becomes the Read More…

commodity market and convenience yield
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Convenience Yield Commodity Trading Strategy

Convenience yield is the profit or premium you get when you buy and hold an underlying asset, inventory, or physical good, in place of the security derivatives or futures contract. Convenience yields of products have a close relationship with the storage of such goods or commodities.  Nonetheless, the storage levels and the prices of the Read More…

US election
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US Presidential Election Is The Key Upcoming Political Event

The main political uncertainty in the U.S. is the presidential election, scheduled for the 3rd November. Also, the apparent difference between the political programs encouraged by the Republicans and the Democrats is incredible. Democratic contestant Joe Biden has been maintaining the leading position in the polls for a few months ago, however, his lead diminished Read More…

Chinese Economy
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China Has Continued To Remain the Fastest-growing Economic Area After the Outbreak Of The Pandemic

After the coronavirus pandemic came upon the world having originated from China, it suddenly haunted other parts of the world. When the lockdown began to ease all over the world, China began to experience major growth in the economy and, in the last quarter, China hit a firm and an unanticipated 3.2 percent growth. This Read More…

S&P 500
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Us Equity Indices Reach New All-Time Highs And Consolidate

The two key US equity indices, the Nasdaq 100 index, and the S&P 500 index made fresh all-time highs this summer. The 5 largest tech-companies triggered the S&P 500 index advanced move. These companies all recovered the market losses they incurred during the Covid-19 lockdown. The losses were as a result of the lockdown regulations Read More…

Future Contracts
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Why Futures Is a Much Better Option Than Forex, Stocks And Bonds

A futures contract means the agreement made by two persons or groups to acquire or sell an asset at a specific time in the future later, but the price of the asset is decided by the current market condition. The fact that futures are seen as financial derivatives doesn’t essentially make them more or less Read More…

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Withdrawal Of Fiscal Stimulus Is The Key Policy Risk

The equity market worldwide made records high in the recent past. The cause of this performance, lately, is the support offered by the corporate earnings report which showed a better performance than what was earlier projected due to the authorization of the COVID-19 rescue package in the European Union (EU) and anticipations that the US Read More…

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The Economist: The Future Of The Office; Covid-19 Has Forced A Radical Shift In Working Habits

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic outburst, several businesses have closed down and this has interrupted the normal flow of business activities in many industries. Hence, retailers and brands are facing several challenges like the marketing and sales of their products, cash flow, demand of customers, supply chain, number of workforces, and health and safety of Read More…

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The Dawning Of The Electric Car Era: GM Lays Out Ambitions for Electric-Vehicle Lineup to Rival Tesla

With the recent trend in electric vehicles, a lot of people assume it is a comparatively new means of transportation but that idea is far from correct. There has been a competition between electricity-powered and gasoline or steam-powered automobiles ever since the origin of non-horse driven carriages. Before the arrival of current electric vehicle brands Read More…

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Why the Stock Markets are at an All-time High despite the Pandemic?

Regardless of the present global economic recession, coronavirus pandemic, and massive rate of unemployment, investors are still hopeful. Last Monday which was the same day that about 40 million workers lost their jobs and economists foretold that the gross domestic product would fall more than 40 percent in the second quarter, the Standard & Poor’s Read More…