silver futures market
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Silver Futures And The End Of The Year: What You Need To Know

Silver rose past double of the price and then stopped. The precious metal may show a bearish reversal at the end of November. At the turn of the year, buying silver has yielded profits for investors in recent years. The precious metal has been the most volatile from 2011 to 2020. Current contracts traded in Read More…

oil futures market
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The Future of Oil: What to Expect in December 2020

Crude oil is one of the most popular commodities in the world. Most of the world’s crude oil is produced in the Middle East and Russia. The most important by-products are gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. Common uses for crude oil include plastics, clothing, furniture, and food. There are different types of Crude oil futures. Read More…

how the futures market might close in 2020
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Futures: How the Market For 2020 Might Close

Global options and futures trading increased by thirty-two per cent and set a record of 21.9 billion contracts within the very first half of 2020 as opposed to 2019, based on figures released by FIA. The total amount of traded contracts in Q2 which was 10.46 billion, dipped by 8.4% from the record-breaking 11.4 billion Read More…

outcome of the Election Day on Futures Trading
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What is the outcome of the Election Day on Futures Trading?

Uncertainty commonly has a serious effect on the financial markets. This is especially so with real-time futures trading due to the nature of the market. The personality of the future supports this idea. The asset is valued at its future value, not its present value. Any event that threatens the market’s projection is likely to Read More…

Crude Oil Futures Market
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Crude Oil Futures Market and Backwardation

Crude oil is a “spiky” commodity. Now and then, someone will truly require it, today, and can pay a high price for immediacy. The industry for oil in Cushing, Oklahoma may be moderately effective, but what occurs when somebody in Peoria requires oil now? A good business potential! Instead of managing a hotel, you construct Read More…

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Analysis of Futures: Commodity Groupings SWOT

Strengths The platinum market made a rebound from the March lows because the investor’s demands for precious metals has overshadowed the influence of poorer demand for platinum-based spurs from the locomotive industry. Platinum is performing well with a 3.45 percent rise irrespective of the shutdown.  ETFs made an extra gain of 73,044 troy ounces of Read More…