what is fundamental analysis

What is Fundamental Analysis?

Historically, market analysts have divided themselves into technical and fundamental analysis practitioners. Still, in the end, every bit of information in the investment market counts, and the consensus has recently become a mix of both approaches. Considering that each asset’s price represents the consensus of value of all market participants, it is recommendable to understand Read More…

how to trade price movements

Popular Chart Patterns and How to Trade Them

Understanding what chart patterns are and how to use them to optimize your trading is a bold move in your investing career. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, prefer fundamental or technical analysis, a trend reversal or a continuation pattern, Forex, Futures or Cryptocurrencies, price patterns are crucial. That’s why we are here Read More…

V-Shaped Economic Recovery
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V-shaped Recovery Most Likely in 2021

A “V-shaped” economic recovery with clarity regarding the rollout time of the Covid-19 vaccine and the continual fiscal policy support will generate a positive outlook for stocks and credits come 2021. Anytime the economy as a whole recover quickly and returns to its original levels before the recession without drawing big sectors or groups with Read More…

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Weekly Technical Market View: 31st August – 4th September 2020

US Dollar Index: On August 19, the daily support’s response was at 92.26 and this S/R level has been dynamic since late 2017. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long as it topped above daily supply at 94.02/93.56 on August 21. Within the week, the support which was down by a percent re-entered the frame on Friday, Read More…