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Technical Analysis: Crude Oil (CL) Futures Prices Consolidating

A Parabolic channel has been identified on the Daily Chart. CL is trading off a support zone at $81.40. Important note on stop placement. Chart Analysis Recap The Head & Shoulders pattern referenced in our CL chart analysis on November 7 did not confirm. The neckline acted as a barricade that the bulls could not Read More…

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Technical Analysis – Crude Oil (CL) Futures Prices Continue to Rally

CL prices continue to follow the Parabola. The Inverse Head & Shoulders pattern has a chance as the price hovers above the neckline. Technicals point toward a bullish sentiment. Fibonacci analysis and targets if the rally continues. Quick Recap In the previous two articles, the central theme has been the bullish sentiment of CL, mainly Read More…

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Parabolic Curve Retest and Inverse Head & Shoulders on Crude Oil (CL) Futures Chart

The parabolic curve on the CL chart continues to act as support. A Potential inverse Head & Shoulders formation on the 4-Hourly time frame. Point of control volume profile acting as resistance. Daily Chart Recap From last week’s multiple tests of the parabolic curve, CL is repeating the same tests once more, with the price Read More…

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The Future of Oil: What to Expect in December 2020

Crude oil is one of the most popular commodities in the world. Most of the world’s crude oil is produced in the Middle East and Russia. The most important by-products are gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. Common uses for crude oil include plastics, clothing, furniture, and food. There are different types of Crude oil futures. Read More…

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Crude Oil Futures Market and Backwardation

Crude oil is a “spiky” commodity. Now and then, someone will truly require it, today, and can pay a high price for immediacy. The industry for oil in Cushing, Oklahoma may be moderately effective, but what occurs when somebody in Peoria requires oil now? A good business potential! Instead of managing a hotel, you construct Read More…