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Meet Karan, a funded trader from trader mindset who withdrew $17,500

Meet Karan, a talented futures trader at OneUp Trader from trader mindset. Based in California, in the United States, Karan trades the $250,000 Evaluation. He has withdrawn $17,500 so far with his aggressive scalping style.
Karan primarily trades one instrument, NQ. He has become an expert in trading this popular futures contract and has an average risk-reward ratio of 0.34%. This means that he is skilled at managing risk and is able to make profitable trades consistently.

The interesting aspect of Karans style at OneUp is that he takes high risk. This means he has periods of time where it pays off, but he also has to push through the difficult times when it is not working out. He has completed the Evaluation many times, accepting the fact that his high-leverage trading style will eventually work out and allow him to make withdrawals. This is an example of a trader who utilizes the OneUp program to maximize his returns. It shows that you do not have to be a perfect trader to make money using the OneUp Trader funded trading program.

Traders’ primary goal should be to make withdrawals, and that is exactly what Karan prioritizes.
Karan has no problem in letting the winners run, starting each trade as a scalp and holding the big ones for as long as 37 minutes. Karan has a profit factor of 1.4 which means he is often correct on the direction of the market too. This demonstrates his ability to identify profitable opportunities and make informed trading decisions over a longer period of time.

One of the things that sets Karan apart from other traders is his ability to adapt to market conditions. He is able to identify changes in the market and adjust his trading strategy accordingly. This allows him to make profitable trades even in volatile market conditions, which all traders need to develop.
Another thing that sets Karan apart from other traders is his ability to analyze the market and identify trends. He spends a significant amount of time researching and analyzing market data to make informed trading decisions. He also keeps up-to-date with the latest news and events that can impact the market, which allows him to make well-informed decisions.

They key take away from Karan’s trading style is that if you have a focus on making withdrawals and you set yourself a goal, then you can achieve it. There is no need to try to be the perfect trader. If you do not succeed the first time, try again but make sure to keep that withdrawal goal in mind, or else you will be shooting in the dark.