Technical Analysis

Gold Futures (GC) Rally Again As Bulls Accumulate

  • Key resistance and support levels for Gold Futures (GC).
  • Insights on short-term trends based on the daily chart.
  • Strategies for traders in the funded trader program.


As geopolitical tensions continue to simmer, gold’s status as a safe-haven asset is once again coming to the fore, driving buying interest in Gold Futures (GC). With an eye on the short-term trends, let’s look into the daily chart for a technical view of where GC futures stand.

Resistance at the $2019.7 high
The most recent high of $2019.7, made toward the end of October, is a critical level that market participants are watching closely. This level represents a key resistance point that bulls must overcome to signal sustained upward momentum. A break of this level could open the path toward the all-time high of $2085.4, set as the next possible bullish target.

All-Time High at $2085.4
The all-time high of $2085.4 is the peak of Gold Futures’s bullish sentiment. This level serves as a beacon for profit-taking or establishing new positions, depending on the market’s strength to push through or retract from this peak. It will be interesting to see how the market reacts at such a historic level. It is likely that we see some sort of resistance there before eventually moving higher.

The Support Zone Between $1930 and $1831
The support zone at $1930 and $1831 is significant, representing a strong consolidation and high-demand zone. These levels are pivotal for bulls because if they don’t hold, it means sentiment has shifted to a bearish stance. A price above $1930 could indicate continued buyer interest, while a dip toward $1831 might weaken the current bullish outlook.

Geo-Political Tensions – The Undercurrent of Uncertainty
It’s no secret that gold thrives on uncertainty, and the current geopolitical tensions are fuelling its rally. For us, these tensions are not just news items but catalysts for big opportunities in the markets as the volatility rises. Gold has always been viewed as a safe haven asset and as the geopolitical tensions rise, we should see more and more capital pouring into the yellow metal. This boosts the bullish sentiment and is something we must keep in mind when we take our positions.

With key levels clearly outlined and the geopolitical tensions in the back of our minds, there is a lot to consider in our GC trades. As always, we must approach the market with a sound strategy and risk management system. No amount of technical analysis will ever be as valuable as good money management.