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Best Twitter Accounts for Investing

When trading, following the information of reliable analysts and news outlets is the cornerstone of well-informed investing decisions. In the case of this article, Twitter has become one of the most used social media engines in the financial industry.

However, it is critical to identify the right people and companies to follow according to your trading style. For instance, if you follow fundamental analysis, you may want to follow sources covering economic events, company news, and political decisions such as CNBC.

On the other hand, if you are a believer in technical analysis, your choice would go more in line with people who study chart patterns, technical indicators, volatility, and volume.

An Internet connection and social media are an incredible opportunity to increase the information flow. It seems to be an excellent choice for traders and investors to stay connected and share knowledge, strategies, points of view, or even trade ideas.

This article has added a list of top 10 Twitter accounts to follow, possibly your new key sources to financial markets. Make connections and questions, and let yourself be inspired by others.

Top 10 sources for the investment market

The market is influenced by so many factors that it is hard to keep up sometimes: demographics, economic data releases, global or local political events, market sentiment, company valuations, and so much more. 

Following experienced investors and analysts might help your financial decisions. You can enhance your trading career a lot, just by finding the correct sources of information.

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Callie Cox – @callieabost

Callie Cox has over 2 thousand followers. She is an investment strategist that tweets her own views and highlights that they should not be used as investment advice. Her tweets include weekly market viewpoints with key takeaways. 

Cox is a Senior Investment Strategist at Ally in North Carolina. During her career, she has specialized in stocks, options, fixed income, and the economy.

Mauricio Carrillo – @MCarrilloFX

Mauricio Carrillo is a financial journalist with more than a decade of experience in stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. He invented the FXStreet Currency Poll Sentiment index tool.  

He studied both journalism and economics in the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He uses his background as a senior content strategist and financial market analyst to help others through his active financial Tweets.

Downtown Josh Brown – @ReformedBroker

Joshua Morgan Brown has over 1 million followers on Twitter. He is CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management, a registered investment advisory. He also works with CNBC and Yahoo as a columnist and commentator. 

He has dedicated his career to helping others invest and manage portfolios for individuals, corporations, and foundations. He also has his own educational and news website called The Reformed Broker where he uploads podcasts, his books, and more. 

Liz Ann Sonders – @LizAnnSonders

Liz Ann Sonders is the Chief Investment Strategist at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc with over 170 thousand followers. She works as an investment strategist and economic analyst that has advised a spectrum of investors like individual, corporate, and institutional. 

She has been invited to comment on different events and media like CNBC, Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, and more. Her judgment and insight have been quoted in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

Jim Cramer – @Jimcramer

James Joseph Cramer, a well-known TV host on CNBC’s Mad Money. He studied at Harvard University. He is also the founder of  that offers financial news, investment ideas, and international stock analysis. He has his own daily blog on

You can find all of the financial information and news analysis on his Twitter where he is very active for his almost 2 million followers.

Helene Meisler – @hmeisler

Helene tweets every day which is a very positive characteristic for active traders. She has over 97 thousand followers that read about her technical analysis and her tweets on stock charts. 

Before she became an analyst she was a market technician that worked with institutional accounts in important investment banks. She now publishes daily technical analysis on TheStreet Top Stocks and 

Joe Weisenthal – @thestalwart

Joe Weisenthal is an editor at Bloomberg, a renowned, high-tech company dedicated to news, analysis, and more. Weisenthal has almost 266 thousand followers that comment and shares his daily tweets.

He is also a co-host on What’d You Miss on Bloomberg TV. He has written important articles on topics like post-pandemic China, booms in agriculture commodities, shortage of semiconductors, food and beverage companies, and more. You can keep track of everything he’s publishing on his Twitter account.

Teresa Ghilarducci – @tghilarducci 

Teresa Ghilarducci is a labor economist and an expert in retirement securities. She has over 5 thousand followers on her Twitter account. She is also Director, Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis (SCEPA).

She has been invited to important panels and is a senior contributor on Forbes. She has written about stock market news, economists and COVID-19, seniors and the pandemic, how to find a good financial advisor, and more.

Mohamed A. El-Erian – @elerianm

Mohamed has 374 thousand followers and an outstanding financial career. He was chair of President Obama’s Global Development Council and is now Chief Economic Advisor at Allianz. He is also president of Queens College, Cambridge.

He is also a columnist for Bloomberg View where he has written about Bitcoin, bonds, inflation, the Fed, COVID-19, and the world. He is an active user on Twitter, posting many times during the day which is great if you want to know his insight. 


Keep a tab on stocks, business news, finance, and international markets. CNBC stands for Consumer News and Business Channel which was its original name until 1991. CNBC was founded in 1989 in New Jersey, USA. Their Twitter account has 4 million followers. 

With CNBC you can reach headlines that come straight from Wall Street and real-time coverage. This is important because the market waits for no one, and the Twitter feed is just as fast when it comes to sharing financial analysis.

Social media and its impact on the investment market

social media and investment market

Most experts recommend following various accounts that cover different angles of trading. Although you are a purist of a single strategy, it would be good to have diverse points of view showing up in your dashboard.

That would give you a holistic view of the market, and the proper account could give you a warning of something that is happening and can affect your positions. On the other hand, you can see what others are doing and where the market’s sentiment is going.In the financial industry, sentiment is an important variable to consider when opening and closing positions. As explained in technical and fundamental analysis, each asset’s price represents all market participants’ consensus of value.

So, knowing what the market thinks is vital. Here is where social media acquires a differential connotation. You can even think in social trading

Another good practice while using Twitter is to select specific accounts focused on an area of your interest and group them in lists. Therefore, you will have your very own channels of information.

Finally, remember that you are the one who makes the decisions on your trading account. You can read the best Twitter account for investing, but the ultimate choice will be yours. So, select what information and advice you follow wisely.

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