Crude oil (CL) futures
Technical Analysis

Crude Oil Futures (CL): Technical Chart Patterns to Watch

A 5% swing was recorded in yesterday’s trading session Hammer or a Hanging Man Candlestick Pattern formation Crude oil’s downtrend still intact since the middle of June Targets for the bears and the bulls Daily Chart Candlestick Yesterday’s session saw a swing in CL from being down 4.3% to reversing and closing 0.6% in the Read More…

Trading Tips

How to Become a Commodity Futures Trader – Short Guide

Commodities markets have traditionally been highly exclusive, available only to a select few individuals with large bank accounts who’ve taken the time to master their skills and perfect their strategies. While you’ll still need skills and expertise to succeed, it’s now easier than ever to enter the commodities market and start trading commodity futures. Becoming Read More…

standing man trying to read candlesticks

What are and how to read Candlestick Charts?

Understanding different chart types and recognizing important price patterns will help you optimize your trading, whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader. Alongside fundamental and or technical analysis, the ability to recognize a trend reversal or a continuation pattern should enhance your trading skills,  Whether you trade forex, futures, fixed income, equities, or Read More…

top twitter informative sources
Trading Tips

Best Twitter Accounts for Investing

When trading, following the information of reliable analysts and news outlets is the cornerstone of well-informed investing decisions. In the case of this article, Twitter has become one of the most used social media engines in the financial industry. However, it is critical to identify the right people and companies to follow according to your Read More…

A team of traders reading the news

What is trading? So, you want to trade!

Trading could be an exciting career, however, it comes with high risks. It is not easy to succeed, but not impossible. Knowing what trading is and how to navigate all the information you should deal with after opening a brokerage account is essential. Someone who wants to be a trader has more available tools day Read More…

commodities trading and precious metals price
Funded Trading

What Is Commodity Trading – Basics

Commodity trading is a unique practice that can diversify your trading portfolio and help you gain valuable experience. As a commodity trader, you’d get the chance to invest in real, physical goods and substances – metals, oil, food and agricultural products, and more.  However, just because you’d be dealing with real commodities instead of handling Read More…