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Market Overview

Implications of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict on the Financial Markets

For weeks, there has been speculation that Russia is planning an invasion of Ukraine. However, some security analysts doubt that the Russian leadership is preparing for war. Nevertheless, Ukraine conflict would have ramifications across various economies and financial markets, including goods pricing, cryptocurrency, and stock markets, keeping financial market participants on edge. As a result, Read More…


Independent thinking – A quality to cultivate in trading

We can generally find many qualities in successful traders, including discipline, patience, adaptability, independence, and mental toughness. You can work on several of them simultaneously, but one question remains — which one to prioritize? In other words, which quality should you cultivate the most to become successful at trading? Our answer is independent thinking. It’s Read More…


Understanding Risk-on and Risk-off trading conditions

Risk-on and risk-off trading conditions are fundamental elements of every financial market. They showcase the current market sentiment; in other words, it reveals the attitude and emotion of traders and investors toward particular markets or securities. The price of financial instruments may rise and fall due to economic factors, geopolitics, interest rate adjustments, inflation reports, Read More…

Trading Tips

The Importance of Incorporating Fundamentals in Trading

There are two primary schools of thought when it comes to trading – technical and fundamental trading. While technical trading focuses on analyzing price movements and predicting future price changes using historical data, fundamental trading focuses on using economic data and financial parameters to find new trading opportunities. Traders choose to direct their career and Read More…