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Implications of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict on the Financial Markets

For weeks, there has been speculation that Russia is planning an invasion of Ukraine. However, some security analysts doubt that the Russian leadership is preparing for war. Nevertheless, Ukraine conflict would have ramifications across various economies and financial markets, including goods pricing, cryptocurrency, and stock markets, keeping financial market participants on edge. As a result, Read More…


Fundamental Analysis in Today’s Markets

Fundamental analysis is important in the investment industry, whether you want to be an investor or a trader. The fundamental analysis approach is a way to evaluate the performance or value of an investment asset that you are interested in. Fundamental analysis does not utilize previous data trends to anticipate prices, unlike technical analysis, which Read More…

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Analysis Strategies Trading Tips

Following the S&P500 Trend in 2022

Equity markets are known to be trending in nature over the years. With capital flows, investments, and economic expansion, developed world equity markets tend to go up by time thus compensating investors for the risk they are taking and the liquidity they are providing. This article will discuss a technical tool used to determine and follow the trend by showing showing an example on the S&P500 index.

US Inflation
Analysis Economics

A Look at US Inflation and Its Potential Outcomes

The US has recently seen a surge in the value of inflation, which has widespread repercussions as seen from the response from forex trading and other circles. There are different perspectives regarding the impacts of US inflation, as some take it as a positive driving force while others believe that it leads to a struggling Read More…

Analysis Strategies Trading Tips

Using VIX Indicator to Buy Market Dips

Volatility is an important part of trading. It is related to risk but also in some cases, opportunity. This article will show how to use volatility to get a directional bias in the equity futures market. Volatility analysis is both quantitative and psychological in nature because it uses complex calculations to understand the level of fear and greed in the market.

Analysis Strategies Trading Tips

Market Sentiment Through Futures

The futures market offers opportunities either through trading or analysis. We can find interesting insights from the futures markets which help us understand market sentiment. The COT Report This article will discuss a report referred to as the Commitment of Traders, a weekly market sentiment publication by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Market sentiment is Read More…


Independent thinking – A quality to cultivate in trading

We can generally find many qualities in successful traders, including discipline, patience, adaptability, independence, and mental toughness. You can work on several of them simultaneously, but one question remains — which one to prioritize? In other words, which quality should you cultivate the most to become successful at trading? Our answer is independent thinking. It’s Read More…


Optimizing Risk Management in Trading – Using the Kelly Criterion

There is no doubt that risk management plays a vital role in trading; it arguably separates successful traders from unsuccessful ones. Incorporating risk management in trading helps to eliminate bad trading habits such as fear, greed, clinging to losing trades, etc., and helps prevent you from losing most if not all your trading capital. There Read More…


Avoiding the Trap of Analysis Paralysis in Trading

It’s no secret that trading can be a stressful endeavor. Regardless of how well you do your research, how great your strategy is, or how thoroughly you’ve analyzed the market, you’ll face tough decisions and may be prone to make mistakes in your trading. The good news is that that’s how you learn and improve. Read More…


Understanding Risk-on and Risk-off trading conditions

Risk-on and risk-off trading conditions are fundamental elements of every financial market. They showcase the current market sentiment; in other words, it reveals the attitude and emotion of traders and investors toward particular markets or securities. The price of financial instruments may rise and fall due to economic factors, geopolitics, interest rate adjustments, inflation reports, Read More…