Nasdaq 100 index futures (NQ)
Technical Analysis

NASDAQ Futures (NQ) Eyeing New Records: Aiming for All-Time Highs

Introduction Today, we take a technical view of the NASDAQ 100 E-mini Futures (NQ) using both weekly and daily charts to identify critical price levels and trends. Equities are targeting all-time highs, and NQ is no different. Let’s see what the charts tell us and if we see all-time highs being hit by year’s end. Read More…

Technical Analysis

Nasdaq Futures (NQ) Consolidate. Is it time to buy?

Technical Analysis NQ is currently stuck within a range that could be used as an opportunity to buy lows as the general market sentiment remains bullish. Once the bounce occurred on August 18th, NQ began moving sideways as traders who got in early were taking profits. Traders who missed the move have begun buying, hoping Read More…

Technical Analysis

Gold Futures (GC) Surge Out Of Support Zone (AS EXPECTED!)

Recap Two weeks ago, we looked at GC and the potential for price to first, fall within the support zone then bounce out of it. Gold rallied 1.57% on Wednesday, surging out of the support zone with tremendous conviction, but the question is whether we see the price testing the support zone again in the Read More…