“Julian Chooses OneUp Trader for Funded Trading: A Success Story”

Meet Julian, a skilled trader from Argentina who resides in beautiful Ghent, Belgium. Julian’s trading style is that of a scalper, where he trades e-mini contracts such as the S&P 500 and Crude Oil, utilizing 5-minute and 1-hour charts. His expertise in this field has led him to achieve a significant milestone in his trading journey: getting a $25,000 funded trading account in just 15 days through OneUp Trader.

Julian researched multiple online funding companies and chose OneUp Trader based on their rules and how well they matched his trading style. He found that their account analytics were easy to understand and that the communication with their customer service was super-fast, making him feel like they were always there for him. Like most traders who choose OneUp Trader, they do so because it measn they dont need to risk their own capital at any stage of the process.

Julian only had one problem with a trade, and he reached out to the support team via live chat. He was quickly connected to a live agent who promised to solve the issue as soon as possible, and within an hour, they sent him an email and the problem was solved. Julian emphasizes that their customer support is precise, fast, and effective, making it one of the reasons he highly recommends OneUp Trader.

Julian passed the test in just 15 days, and two days later, he received a congratulations email confirming that he was getting funded, along with the contract. After signing the contract, he received his credentials the following day, and his account was ready to start trading. OneUp Trader is completely transparent with their rules, and if one is broken, such as a trader mistakenly trading too high of a contract size, they receive an email with a warning at first. This is unheard of in this industry, where most other funders would liquidate the account. One reason OneUp Trader can do this is that they are separate from the funding company, so there is no conflict of interest, unlike other firms.

He states that OneUp Trader is the first recruitment company he has ever used. He will not recommend another company because, with OneUp, everything is so clear and straightforward. As someone starting out with this funding process, he says that this is precisely what a trader needs.

Julian confirms that everything you see on their website is accurate regarding the fees and pricing. There are no other expenses besides the requirement for traders to cover the costs of the trading platform they wish to use such as Ninjatrader once funded.

Everything is clear in the contract, and everything a trader sees during the evaluation is what they can expect once funded. Julian states that OneUp Trader is very, very precise on that.


Julian wants to express his gratitude towards OneUp Trader’s customer support for being efficient and fast in their job. He also thanks the OneUp Trader team for making him feel like he is part of their family, which is especially lovely for a trader who spends most of their time alone. He suggests that anyone who would like to get an evaluation account with OneUp Trader should use a trading style that matches their rules.

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