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Cesar V. Withdraws Over $75K in 40 Days: The Success Story of a Funded Trader

Who is Cesar V. & His Journey with OneUp Trader

Cesar V., a remarkable funded trader from Mexico, has achieved an extraordinary feat in his funded trading account. In under 40 days, Cesar withdrew a staggering $76,500 from his $250K funded trading account with OneUp Trader, and he’s currently managing over $50,000 in unrealized profits. His journey with OneUp Trader is a testament to what hard work, patience, and strategic thinking can accomplish.

Cesar’s mantra for success in the funded trading program is straightforward yet powerful: work diligently, be patient, and let the trades come to you. This approach has led him to maintain a phenomenal 100% win rate over 57 trades.

Cesar’s Trading Strategy: Patience Pays Off

In a market where rapid movements often tempt traders into hasty decisions, Cesar stands out with his unique strategy. He sets wider stop losses compared to his profit targets, a method that requires strong control of emotions but has proven highly effective for him. His average hold time for winning trades is about 26 minutes, demonstrating his skill in timing the market just right. Cesar doesn’t go for home runs. He takes what the market is willing to give him and leaves.

Cesar trades the one-minute time frame with the Heikin Ashi candlesticks. He uses a 20-moving average to gauge support and resistance and looks to take only a few points out of the market each day. He also uses the adx indicator to identify if a trend is strong or not. He only takes one trade per day as well and doesn’t spend too much time behind the screens anymore; since he has perfected his strategy, he doesn’t need to.

This is where you can watch the full strategy screen share and explanation by Cesar himself:

Advice for Aspiring Traders

For those looking to follow in his footsteps in a funded trading program or at a prop firm, Cesar emphasizes the importance of hard work and patience. ‘I have tested everything, every indicator, time frame, and strategy. Hard work is what got me to where I am now with my trading,’ says Cesar. His style of waiting patiently for the right trade and taking a few points rather than chasing the market is a lesson in disciplined scalping.

Seamless Experience with OneUp Trader

Cesar’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges. He candidly shared that upon getting funded, he inadvertently broke a rule. However, instead of facing immediate termination, OneUp Trader’s funding partners provided a warning and allowed him to continue trading. This understanding and supportive approach, he notes, is not something you find in every prop firm.

He’s also extremely impressed with OneUp Trader’s support team, highlighting their responsiveness and efficiency. ‘Every time I needed an answer to a question or help connecting, I knew I could rely on the support team,’ said Cesar. His withdrawal experience was smooth and hassle-free, receiving his funds on the same day he requested them – a stark contrast to the experiences some traders face with other firms and something OneUp Trader prides itself in. There is no such thing as having to wait for months to make withdrawals, as some experience elsewhere. If you make the profit, you can make the withdrawal!

Looking to the Future

As he looks ahead, Cesar’s goal is clear: to continue withdrawing profits from his OneUp Trader account, a testament to the sustainable and profitable relationship he has built with his funding partners. Cesar said in the interview, ‘I will continue to make withdrawals of $25,000, then I will build the account up once I have taken enough out. If I get tired, then I will stop.’ This shows his confident approach and the control he has over his trading emotions.

Why Choose OneUp Trader?

Cesar’s story is more than just a success story; it’s a beacon for traders aiming to find a reliable and supportive funded trading program. OneUp Trader not only offers traders like Cesar a platform to excel but also stands by them, offering them the guidance and support every trader in the prop trading industry needs.

For more insights into Cesar’s strategies and experience, you can watch the full interview and strategy screen share below.