Interview with OneUp Funded Trader: Gil. Y.

Before joining OneUp trader and receiving funding from the site, he had little knowledge of money and risk management. His entire trading strategy revolved around technical analysis. However, after joining OneUp, he has grown to be a successful trader by “10,000 percent”.

Some of his best advice is to start each trading with a clear mindset your trading strategy may not work out for every trading day but over a series of trades, it would work out.

Therefore, he advises traders not to freak out or get too emotional when they place a trade that works against them. He mentioned that why many traders fail is that they spend so much time concentrating only on charts. However, success requires much more than that. It requires a holistic approach to every aspect of your trading process. Succeeding as a trader requires having an introspective and realistic look at everything you do. Besides this, you’ll soon or later get into trouble.

Also, he advised traders not to get too emotional when they are in a losing trade. All they can do is exit trade immediately or let their stop loss take them out and be thankful for not losing more. Knowing that trading is a psychological game that makes trade and risk management easier and helps you gradually become better at trading. 

There is only one step to get started with OneUp Trader:

• Get evaluated, prove that you can be a successful trader, and they place you with the Funding Partners.

The team puts you through an actual day trading simulator where you can trade, track, evaluate, and showcase your abilities. Once you pass the evaluation, you get introduced to OneUp’s funding partners.

And once you start trading, the first 8,000 USD in profits are yours to keep, and after that, you take home 80 percent of all winnings.

What makes OneUp different from competitors ?

OneUp maintains completely transparent policies that’ll completely blow you up.

Also, the history of OneUp is unique and entirely different from those of the competitors. Gil Y. found this out by making his research. Hear what he has to say. You too can find this out for yourself.

1. Dashboard

OneUp Traders Dashboard makes communication between traders easy and possible. There is a live chat room where you can send instant messages to a large community of other traders. The incorporated trader community allows you to discuss, collaborate, and exchange ideas with other traders so you can use their wisdom to succeed.

The dashboard also provides streaming quotes and market news. You will equally get an economic calendar, live streaming services from Bloomberg and other top market participants. You can also access account analytics which allows you to view advanced trading statistics, metrics, and daily updates along with detailed transaction analysis.

2. Customer service

OneUp team is committed to the success of traders. GIL Y. explained how he was completely blown away by the detailed and personal email responses of the OneUp customer service team. OneUp is committed to the success of its traders because the success of their traders is their success as well according to the testimony of Gil. You can get an answer to your queries from 8: 30 – 17: 00 CET by using a form on the website or through a dedicated email address. Alternatively, you can also speak to the support team using the toll-free number. 

3. Ease of Withdrawal

Another great feature of OneUp trader according to Gill is the ease of withdrawal and the personal email responses he got from the company’s customer service team.

4. Account type

The account has 5 levels, each with 2 pricing options. A fantastic feature of OneUp’s policies is that you can keep either 50 percent or 80% profit. OneUp keeps 50% or 20% of your profit depending on the pricing option you choose. If you don’t reach your goal, OneUp also has a $100 reward policy. You can restore your account balance at any time.

Account types available include novice, beginner, advanced, professional, and expert. In the OneUp program, you can only trade futures contracts. For novice account subscriptions, you can only purchase 3 contracts at a time. Your maximum tradable contracts figure increases until you reach an expert account level where you can trade 25 contracts at a time.

Novice account holders can trade $25,000 in cash, while the advanced traders can trade up to $100,000 and the expert traders’ maximum fund access limit is $250,000.

Each account level comes with a specific profit target. Beginners have a profit goal of $3,000, a minimum deductible of $2,500, and a daily loss limit of $1,250.

5. Rules for Passing The Evaluation Process

To get a funded account, you must pass the evaluation to trade successfully in a simulated environment for at least 15 days. The company believes that consistency is a significant trading quality. To get through successfully, you need to trade “in a consistent and regular trading pattern. What precisely does this mean? You can already guess it, I suppose. You must have a 3 days cumulative profit equivalent of 80% maximum net profit of a day.

You also need to reach your profit target. Although it is a reasonable policy, OneUp has a stricter policy. You cannot exceed the daily loss limit even for a day. Another downside is the trailing drawdown that gets higher as your account balance increases.

One more trading rule of OneUp Trader is that traders are not allowed to suspend or deactivate accounts. Nonetheless, they can cancel their account. 

6. Financial instruments

Traders can access a wide variety of financial instruments with their funded accounts. These instruments are the same whether you’re trading a demo account or a live funded account. 

7. Software

There are many trading platforms available on OneUp Trader. However, we recommend NinjaTrader. You can use this software free of charge when going through the evaluation period. After the evaluation, you will need to pay to get a license. 

Sign Up for the Trading Evaluation program today

It’s a real-time trading evaluation program structured to allow you to demonstrate your trading abilities. You’ll get a complete insight into the whole process and full transparency along the way. You can trade, track, measure, and share your progress to see if you’re working on funding. If you win, the company wins. 

Once you pass the assessment, you can get the trading funds you need from the company’s funding partners and start trading in real-time, anytime, and anywhere. You don’t have to do it alone. OneUp analyzes your results with you and helps you to see what you’ve done right or wrong. Besides, you don’t need your trading account and you cannot lose your own money during the evaluation. 

It also comes with a 14-day free trial period where you can find all the technical details.

Also, Gill advises traders to see all the processes incorporated into the evaluation and funding process as a process to make them better traders. However, he advised traders not to be in a haste to get funding but to take their time to master their strategies and trading curves. This is a better way to ensure success.

If you’re still not convinced, the testimony of OneUp successful traders would convince you.  Full Video Interview With Gil Y.

Have you ever longed to be a professional trader? OneUp Trader can bring you one bit nearer. You will receive an account that you can trade (after successfully passing through the assessment period) and you will keep a percentage of your profits. Regardless of your trading level and experience, OneUp Trader provides a platform to showcase your trading skills and make money along the way.

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