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Silver Futures And The End Of The Year: What You Need To Know

Silver rose past double of the price and then stopped. The precious metal may show a bearish reversal at the end of November. At the turn of the year, buying silver has yielded profits for investors in recent years. The precious metal has been the most volatile from 2011 to 2020. Current contracts traded in Read More…


How OneUp leads the Competition: Interview with Funded Trader, Louis A.

Louis A., a Funded Trader from Humble, Texas narrated his trading experience with OneUp, how he started, got funding, and offered his best advice to traders. He also compared OneUp Trader with TopStep and showed why OneUp leads the competition. You can follow this link to listen to the video interview. How He Started, What Read More…


Interview with OneUp Funded Trader: Gil. Y.

Before joining OneUp trader and receiving funding from the site, he had little knowledge of money and risk management. His entire trading strategy revolved around technical analysis. However, after joining OneUp, he has grown to be a successful trader by “10,000 percent”. Some of his best advice is to start each trading with a clear Read More…

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Why Futures Is a Much Better Option Than Forex, Stocks And Bonds

A futures contract means the agreement made by two persons or groups to acquire or sell an asset at a specific time in the future later, but the price of the asset is decided by the current market condition. The fact that futures are seen as financial derivatives doesn’t essentially make them more or less Read More…