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A Beginner’s Guide to Futures Trading Strategies

Futures trading is a process to buy or sell futures trading instruments at an agreed price on an exchange. Futures contracts are an agreement where trades happen on an established exchange. Futures trading is different from the traditional financial markets like forex, stocks, indices, or precious metal. Therefore, traders often confuse or scare about future Read More…

water futures market
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Trading Water Futures: The Latest Way To Invest In Water Futures

Do you know you can now trade Water Futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)? The exchange has recently included water futures in its list of negotiable contracts. This is good news given that it is the first time water is getting listed for trading in this manner. Before this listing, the only place you Read More…

european futures increases
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European Futures Edging Higher

Europe’s futures increases. While strong data from China played a huge role, the European stock market ended the week on a careful note because of fears of the long-awaited coronavirus vaccine. When it was 02:00 AM Eastern Time,  (07:00 GMT) the Germany DAX futures contract traded 0.1% in the upward direction, whereas the CAC 40 Read More…

silver futures market
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Silver Futures And The End Of The Year: What You Need To Know

Silver rose past double of the price and then stopped. The precious metal may show a bearish reversal at the end of November. At the turn of the year, buying silver has yielded profits for investors in recent years. The precious metal has been the most volatile from 2011 to 2020. Current contracts traded in Read More…

world stocks recovery
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World Stocks Aim For Recovery, Thanks To Positive Covid-19 News

Global stocks made a new record high as signs of Asian economic recovery, strong corporate profits, and additional positive information about the COVID-19 vaccine gave investors hope. The U.S stocks The U.S. stock futures rose 1.2%, highlighting a stronger Wall Street opening. The per cent gain was due to the announcement of the modern pharmaceutical Read More…

oil futures market
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The Future of Oil: What to Expect in December 2020

Crude oil is one of the most popular commodities in the world. Most of the world’s crude oil is produced in the Middle East and Russia. The most important by-products are gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. Common uses for crude oil include plastics, clothing, furniture, and food. There are different types of Crude oil futures. Read More…