E-mini S&P 500 (ES) futures
Technical Analysis

S&P 500 (ES) New All-Time Highs In Clear Sight

  • ES targets all time highs, now only 6% away.
  • Support trend line the main factor on the chart pointing toward bullish sentiment.
  • An important note about a trading plan.


The S&P 500, like most indices has been surging this year with ES only 6% away from all-time-highs. The trend remains in an upward momentum and there are almost no bearish signals at the moment. Let us look at the technicals to get a better picture of where the opportunities lie and what we can do to capitalize on them.

Technical Analysis

Since the start of this most recent bull trend back in March, we can draw a trend line on the daily chart connecting the higher lows. This is our main factor in identifying if the trend is up or not. There was diveregence signalled on the chart below and we are seeing the after affects of that now as price retraced 6% from the high.

If price remains above 4363 then the sentiment remains bullish and we can look for long trades on shorter time frames. If price drops below that, the setiment shifts to neutral or bearish.

Trading Plan

A trading plan is essential because it serves as a roadmap for successful and disciplined trading. It helps us outline our goals, risk tolerance, and strategies, allowing us to make informed decisions. With a plan in place, emotions like fear and greed are less likely to cloud judgment, promoting rational trading. A trading plan enforces consistency, preventing impulsive actions that can lead to losses. It’s like a safety net, helping us stay on track and minimize losses. Do you have a trading plan that you trust? Do you know when to get in and out of the market? Do you know how much you are willing to risk each day? Do you know what you want trading to provide you with? These are all very important questions you need to answer when you create your trading plan. If you dont have a plan yet, create one.