Technical Analysis

Russell 2000 futures (RTY) plunge into oblivion

  • Analyzing the recent 10% price drop in RTY
  • Bears are targeting $1,738 with no bullish technicals in sight.
  • Trader Mindset announcement.

Update on price action

The small cap index has dropped 10% since the recent high in RTY, which was $2,015. The price has plunged dramatically and is currently in free fall. Let’s take a look at some technical levels we can watch out for going forward.

The main bear target is at $1,738 which is another 4% drop from here. This is the 0.786 Fib level and a minor support zone.

There are no bullish technicals at the moment unless we see a bid around the $1,800 level.

RTY Daily chart showing fib levels
RTY Daily chart

Announcement about trader mindset

Soon, we will be launching something called ‘trader mindset.’ It’s a series of 1 on 1 sessions traders can book to have with Jay.

In these sessions, we are going to focus 80% of our attention on mindset and 20% on the practical elements required in trading and markets. We are going to look at your schedule, personality, and trading philosophy to begin building a solid plan you can rely on. We will not cover trading strategies in these sessions nor technical patterns or setups. I am simply here to help you understand the best path forward toward achieving trading success. I am here to support you. We will be releasing a video soon with more details.

Topics we will discuss include:

  • Objective trading vs. subjective trading
  • Developing an actual plan and something that you can trust
  • ‘Importance’ as a major factor in why failure arises and how to release it
  • The ego and its role in trading decisions
  • How you can make trading easy
  • How to make the choice that successful trading is what you actually want
  • Vital exercises to improve your trading ability and decision making
  • Why your expectations on the outcome are the reason things don’t work out
  • All major athletes need coaches. Trading is no different
  • How to think in probabilities

If this is something that interests you and would like to be added to the list for a free session once rolled out, please add me on discord here Jay-OUP#6138, or send me an email at