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NQ Scalper Shares His Funded Trading Strategy

Who Is He & Why He Chose OneUp Trader

Zachary B is a futures trader from Texas who completed the $50,000 Evaluation in October of this year. He chose the 50K Evaluation because the contract sizing suited his trading style, and the low $150 monthly subscription appealed to him. Zachary chose OneUp Trader because of the user-friendly interface, which leads to an easy connection process, and the 24/7 support team that’s always there to give assistance when needed.

Zachary’s Philosophy & How He Successfully Passed The Evaluation

Zachary believes that sleep is the most important thing for a trader and that if the night is not restful, to avoid trading for that day. With a 1.77 profit factor and a 66% win rate, he says that a good morning routine is imperative for a trader’s success.

Zachary is a scalper of the Nasdaq Futures (NQ), holding positions for usually less than 10 seconds. This may seem extreme to some people, but Zachary knows exactly what he is looking for, and when the market gives him the signal, he takes it. He uses support and resistance and likes to keep his charts clean and simple.

Zachary’s Recommendations For Traders To Reach Their Potential

Zachary believes in the importance of a morning routine and says that all traders must have a good Breakfast before trading. He also says that you must stay patient; there is no need to rush your Evaluation. Remember that when you receive funding, you will need a system and trading ability that you can count on, so there is no need to rush the Evaluation just to complete it in 15 days.

How Zachary Trades

He only trades in the morning for a few minutes. Zachary trades very short-term and scalps the NQ right at the opening of the US market. He enjoys making his charts look good, using colors and precise analysis tools.

Zachary doesn’t like making assumptions; he only trades what he sees. That’s it. He also uses a trailing stop because of the use of two contracts. Once the first target gets hit, then he leaves the trailing stop to do the rest of the work until his second position is liquidated.

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