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From Evaluation Trader to Funded Success: Mahmoud’s Experience

When Egyptian trader Mahmoud Elbakry was looking to take his futures trading career to the next level, he knew he needed the right partner. After failed attempts with 4 other prop firms, he finally found the perfect fit with OneUp Trader.

Within just 15 trading days, Mahmoud successfully passed his OneUp Trader evaluation and secured a funded trading account. Exceeding the $9,000 target capital was a breeze for this ambitious trader. So what made his experience with OneUp Trader so positive compared to other firms?

According to Mahmoud, the customer service and support provided by OneUp is unmatched in the industry. With 24/7 assistance and absolutely no hidden fees, he felt empowered every step of the way. The instant data feeds ensured he could execute his strategies seamlessly without any lag or delays.

As an aggressive trader who prefers no strict rules, the clear guidelines enforced by OneUp actually improved Mahmoud’s trading. The firm’s structured approach taught him risk management skills that led to blown accounts in the past. Like Mahmoud, any beginner trader will benefit tremendously from OneUp’s nurturing yet professional environment.

During his evaluation period, Mahmoud mainly traded NQ on the 60-minute timeframe. His strategy involved analyzing the previous day’s point of control based on volume profile. If the current price breaks out above that point, he goes long. If it breaks out below, he goes short. He then utilizes smaller timeframes to refine entries and targets. This calculated system allowed him to consistently extract profits.

In the end, Mahmoud is thrilled to have a funded OneUp account and the freedom it provides. No longer does he need to risk his own capital or pay data fees. With the right prop firm backing him, this trader from Egypt now has all the resources to keep growing his skills and earnings. His success story proves that aspiring futures traders can thrive when partnering with the best.

Watch his full interview below: