Funded Trading Interviews

A Funded Traders Scalping Strategy That Earned Him A $150K Funded Trading Account

Who Is He & Why He Chose OneUp Trader

Alex C, a trader from Florida received funding In June of 2022. He chose the $150K account because he felt it was the account that gave him the most bang for his buck. OneUp Trader’s flexible rules, 24/7 support desk, and free data once funded are the main reasons he decides to trade with OneUp.

How He Did It

Alexander successfully completed the $150,000 Evaluation in just 15 days by using various scalping techniques. Alexander thinks it’s very important to use support and resistance, he sees them as vital aspects of his decision-making. He likes to trade in the early mornings and tries to avoid trading mid-day because of the decline in volatility. Like most traders, Alexander checks the news before each session and makes sure there are going to be no surprises. This $150K funded trader recommends trading small at first and then slowly ramping up the size of the positions as you gain more confidence in your strategy and trading abilities. 

Alexander’s Recommendations For Traders

Alexander recommends all traders take the Evaluation seriously, and journal so they know what they did right and what they did wrong, that way each day improvements are being made. Have a plan and be prepared. Alexander stresses the importance of knowing the market landscape once you are on the Evaluation, to treat it as if it was a funded trading account. He says there are so many great perks once you are funded and that OneUp has been life-changing for him and will be for many people in the future.

Experience With The Support Team

The customer support and the fact that data fees are covered by the funding partners are what drew Alexander to OneUp. Alexander said he did have an issue during the Evaluation that needed resolving and the support team was able to help him out very quickly. Alexander also says that he found there to be basically no difference between the Evaluation and funded trading account. 

Trading Style

Alex uses multiple indicators such as the macD, moving averages, Bollinger bands, RSI, and momentum. He does his analysis and then proceeds to place alerts at specific levels for him to enter into a position. Again, Alexander is a scalper which may not suit every trader out there but since he only trades early morning sessions, this is what he has found to be the most useful style for him.

If you would like to watch Alexander’s interview and his strategy screen share, you can do so via the links below.