Crude oil (CL) futures
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Crude Oil (CL) Futures Forms a Dragonfly Doji On Parabolic Curve

A powerful Dragonfly Doji was formed during yesterday’s volatile session. CL prices bounce off of the Parabolic curve mentioned last Friday. What to expect next? The Parabolic Curve Acts as a Support In yesterday’s volatile session, CL dropped over 6% right into the support zone and the parabolic curve we mentioned in Friday’s technical analysis. Read More…

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Crude Oil (CL) Futures Analysis – Head & Shoulders Neckline Tested

The Neckline of the Inverse Head & Shoulders pattern Daily chart is tested. Fibonacci targets revisited from last week. Price zones to keep in mind while trading today’s session. Quick Recap In our analysis from last week, the Head & Shoulders and Parabola were the main focus. CL price has broken the Parabola, which signals Read More…

Market Overview Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis – Crude Oil (CL) Futures Prices Continue to Rally

CL prices continue to follow the Parabola. The Inverse Head & Shoulders pattern has a chance as the price hovers above the neckline. Technicals point toward a bullish sentiment. Fibonacci analysis and targets if the rally continues. Quick Recap In the previous two articles, the central theme has been the bullish sentiment of CL, mainly Read More…