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Technical Analysis

Greyscale dumps Bitcoin; what now?

Weekly Chart Analysis: Price has formed a large rounding bottom pattern and parabolic curve, typically considered a bullish reversal signal. The price was approaching the all-time high (ATH) resistance zone, near $69,435, before swiftly pulling back after greyscale started dumping on the market. We should monitor this level closely; a decisive weekly close above the Read More…

Technical Analysis

Is The New Bull Cycle Upon Us In Bitcoin?

News BlackRock has taken major steps toward launching a Bitcoin spot ETF, including listing the ticker symbol “IBTC” on the DTCC platform. The SEC has until January 2024 to approve or reject BlackRock’s ETF application. If approved, the ETF would significantly increase accessibility to Bitcoin investing for mainstream investors without dealing with crypto exchanges. This Read More…

Bitcoins on a table

What Is Cryptocurrency? The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Currency (2021)

Cryptocurrencies are slowly taking over the world. These popular payment systems have become a global phenomenon that compels more and more people to try and get their hands on even just a few digital coins. More cryptocurrency startups keep popping up, providing people with cryptocurrency-based services as an alternative to traditional banking. But what is Read More…