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Market Overview and Economic Outlook of Major Currencies

The economic growth of countries is estimated through their GDP, which is determined by two components: population growth and productivity of labor. The productivity of labor shows the ability for enhanced output from the available amount of labor in the economy. US Dollar (USD) The announcement also provided support to the USD, against the precious Read More…

Threat to USD as Reserve Currency
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Inflation May Threaten the Use of the US Dollar as Reserve Currency

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. highlighted the recent mounting concern that inflation in the U.S. could make the US dollar lose its status as a haven.  While Congress closes in on one more cycle of fiscal incentive to buttress the US economy that has been badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the Federal Reserve have Read More…


EUR is Turning an Uncertain Political Landscape into an Opportunity

As many countries come back to the new mainstream steadily lifting prohibitions, there is no agreement on the recovery of the eurozone fund. The EUR/USD rate has escalated from 1.08 last March to around 1.12 nowadays showing signs of improvement for the euro. In the next months, though, there is the need for a compromise Read More…

Economies and COVID-19 Aftermath

Economies Rebound As Countries Ease their COVID-19 Lockdown Measures

Economies that take the primary steps to ease COVID-19 lockdown measures are beginning to record significant improvements in suppressing the virus. This gradually leads to economic recoveries. Also, it is an indication that the second upsurge of the coronavirus infections is unlikely to occur.  The initial phases of recovery from the COVID-19 recession are comparatively Read More…

Analysis Economics Market Overview

The US-China Conflict Pushes Down the CNY and the AUD

Chinese Yuan continues to weaken as tensions between the US and China continue to rise over the Coronavirus crisis. The Chinese Yuan falls to its greatest low on Thursday since the Coronavirus pandemic began in September 2019. The fall in the value of CNY is potentially going to continue due to the US-China uncertain relations. Read More…