Crude oil (CL) futures
Fundamental Analysis

Oil Prices Struggling Despite Weak Dollar & Improved Risk Appetite

A weaker dollar revived interest in risky investments. The Fed increased its target interest rate by 25bps. OPEC+ maintained the production cuts agreed upon last year. Oil continued its bearish momentum despite positive market sentiment on Thursday. However, the OPEC+ decision to extend an output cut allayed concerns about oversupply. Oil prices dropped more than Read More…

crude oil futures (CL)
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Crude Oil Futures (CL) rallies 13%, what you need to know

Discover how to profit from the current rally in crude oil prices driven by a weak dollar. RSI, 1-2-3 reversal pattern, Symmetrical Triangle, and pivot points all point toward bullish momentum. Trading chart for us to visualize the bullish targets and price momentum. The driving force behind this rally Undoubtedly, the driving force behind the Read More…

Crude oil (CL) futures
Fundamental Analysis

Oil Prices Rebound Amid Dollar Weakness

Oil prices fell yesterday on concerns over a probable global recession. US manufacturing continued to decline in December, affecting oil prices. In anticipation of weak local demand, the Chinese government boosted export quotas for refined oil products. After two days of severe losses in oil prices, investors came out to buy dips on Thursday amid Read More…

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Crude Oil Futures (CL) drop 9% in two days: Here’s what you need to know

CL suffers a 9% decline in just two days, as suspected. Analyzing the order block responsible for multiple price rejections at $81.55. Evaluating the differences between time-based and range charts in a trending market. Quick Recap Before the end of the year, we looked at possible bearish targets around $67.98. CL dipped from $75 to Read More…

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Crude Oil Futures (CL) Downtrend Continues

A look at the 2021 high that is a significant support and resistance level The RSI remains bearish with no signs of a reversal Potential bearish targets from 1-2-3 reversal and trend channel analysis Long Term Outlook We have been tracking the CL price for some time now as we watch the daily trend continue Read More…

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Crude Oil (CL) Futures: Price Action Analysis

Bears take over as CL’s price drops 12% in a week. The hourly chart shows the potential of a double-bottom formation. Bears Take Over In Monday’s article, we discussed two possible scenarios, the Bear case and the Bull case. Since then, CL has dropped 12% and has taken out the spinning top’s low. CL is Read More…