Technical Analysis

Bullish opportunity presents itself in T-bond futures (ZB)

A fresh look at the technicals Ascending Triangle: There is an ascending triangle on the daily chart. This tells us that the market is forming a bullish bias. Price is currently testing the diagonal support line at 127’27. Capitulation Candle: There was a capitulation with a high volume spike at the low I pointed to on the Read More…

Technical Analysis

T-Bond Futures (ZB) bears take control

Introduction ZB futures have been in a steady downtrend since 2020 as investors buy more and more bonds. The sentiment remains that more buying will continue meaning we can expect yields to continue to drop, and that provides us with some useful opportunities we can take advantage of. Technical analysis There is a resistance zone Read More…

Crude oil and futures trading
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Rising Oil Prices – Here’s What To Look Out For

Over the last few months, rising oil prices have many market participants’ attention. The chart below shows the price of oil, which peaked at the end of October 2021 and then fell about 25%. It bottomed in early December 2021 and hasn’t looked back. Oil broke through the Oct 2021 high of $85 a barrel Read More…

A team of traders reading the news

What is trading? So, you want to trade!

Trading could be an exciting career, however, it comes with high risks. It is not easy to succeed, but not impossible. Knowing what trading is and how to navigate all the information you should deal with after opening a brokerage account is essential. Someone who wants to be a trader has more available tools day Read More…

Weekly Futures Market Overview
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Weekly Futures Market Overview

CORN The price of December corn for the past week closed at fourteen-and-a-half cent cents higher. Last week saw active corn-harvesting from the beginning to the end. Traders anticipate that the rate of the harvest will move a bit higher than the average following the corn progress report on Monday. The corn market is gradually Read More…

COVID-19 Revives Ultra-Safe European Bonds
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The COVID-19 Pandemic Revives Ultra-Safe European Bonds

In a new turn of events, the European Commission may just become the new major player in the European financial markets. Over the years, the eurozone hasn’t been an ideal spot for investors. In fact, the currency’s super-safe pool and triple-A international securities shrank by at least 40% from 2007 to 2018. Even the rating Read More…