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If you’re a trader looking for ways to secure futures trading funding for your futures trading goals, here are some funding options worth considering.

When it comes to trading the financial markets, funding is a crucial component. The capital required for futures trading is particularly steep due to the high margin requirements in the futures markets. Without sufficient funding, traders won’t have the resources to take advantage of market opportunities or to weather temporary setbacks. As a result, it is important for traders to understand the various ways they can obtain capital for trading and investing.

Below, we explore the different avenues traders can explore to obtain futures trading funding, and some important considerations to bear in mind when going about gathering funding for futures trading. 

Ways to access futures trading funding 

There are different ways to raise futures funding, all of which come with different factors worth remembering. Here are three of the main ways traders can go about securing futures trading funding.

Your personal savings

One of the most common ways for traders to obtain capital for futures trading is through personal savings. However, it is critical to understand that traders should never risk more than they are willing to lose. This falls into the field of risk management and should be carefully considered by the individual because getting involved in financial markets takes tremendous discipline, focus, and a thorough understanding of market dynamics.

Friends and family

Another option for traders seeking futures trading funding is funding from family and friends. Bringing up finances to family and friends is always a touchy subject because if the trader loses the funds without fully outlining the risks, it can cause irreparable damage to those relationships. It is highly recommended that traders seeking futures funding through family adhere to a more passive investment style and longer-term approach. Stocks and bonds are excellent products for this technique.

Venture capitalists

Traders who desire to take high leverage and get involved in the futures market can approach venture capitalists. VCs are advanced investors that require a lengthy track record; they want proof of a successful strategy and an outstanding management team. They generally prefer to invest in a fund instead of an individual, hence the requirement for the management team. 

Futures trading is also used as a way to hedge a portfolio against market volatility, so VCs will appreciate a well-thought-out plan to incorporate futures trading strategies in the funds model to reduce risk. Due to the high amounts of capital required and proven track record, this route may be fruitful for experienced traders who are already established in the industry. 

The importance of discipline for futures funding

Discipline and the correct mindset are vital because they help traders make rational decisions, even in times of market volatility or uncertainty. A trader with discipline will have a well-defined trading plan, including entry and exit strategies, risk management techniques, and a system for monitoring and evaluating their performance. This plan will be a guiding force in helping them stay focused on their goals and resist the temptation to make impulsive trades based on emotions such as fear or greed. 

Additionally, having the correct mindset means that a trader is able to take ownership of their own trading decisions, without being swayed by the opinions or predictions of others. They understand that there is an inherent level of risk in the markets, but with a good mindset, can make informed decisions, accept the outcome, and move forward. This is important for long-term success in trading.

OneUp Trader: The futures funding solution for traders

If none of the above options appeal to you and you’re still wondering how to get funding for your futures trading goals, the following method is a top recommendation for retail traders.

OneUp Trader is a funded trader platform that affords traders the opportunity to receive funding instead of having to risk their own capital. The process involves following a set number of rules, such as reaching a profit target and trading for a minimum of 15 days, before submitting the futures trading account for review. 

A three-day reviewal process then takes place, and the trader receives a fully funded futures trading account from one of our funding partners. This account has the same capital and rules as the evaluation they completed. The trader does not need to worry about risking their funds because they have the capital required for futures trading through the funding partner. OneUp Trader really is one of the best sources for futures trading funding out there.


If you’re looking to fund your futures trading endeavours, several options are available. One option is to use your savings, but it’s important to remember only to risk what you’re comfortable losing. Another option is to seek funding from family and friends, but it’s crucial to outline the risks involved to them before committing. Venture capitalists and angel investors can also be a source of funding for experienced traders with a proven track record, but still, they tend to prefer investing in funds rather than individuals. 

Finally, consider using a trader recruitment platform like OneUp Trader, which offers to fund traders who meet specific criteria. No matter which option you choose, it’s essential to have discipline, focus, and a thorough understanding of market dynamics to increase your chances of success in the markets.

Learn more about how OneUp Trader works for futures traders or contact our expert team with any questions you may have about futures trading funding.

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