Trading Psychology

Visualize The Trader You Want To Become

  • The market does not care about you and never will.
  • Why visualizing will show you incredible results
  • How to start visualizing.

Read each paragraph slowly, and do not rush through this article.

Too many traders and investors throw money away by having absolutely no idea what they want the markets to provide them with. They are ruled by their emotions and make rash decisions that leave them with a bitter taste in their mouths regarding the markets’ dynamics. Remember something, the market does not care. It never will! Your only objective is to be able to extract what you can and be as smart and calculated as possible. 

Do you ever ask yourself what you actually want from the markets? Do you ever question why you are trading and what it’s really going to take to succeed in this game? Trading is only as difficult as you make it, and your results will reflect that. Simply look at your trading performance statistics; they will show you precisely what is happening. If you are not making the profit that you want to see, you need to make changes. It’s that simple, and you need to accept that. 

How Does Visualizing Help Us? 

Visualizing gives us a clear direction of where we want to go; without it, we are blind. By visualizing the successful trader we desire to be, we train our subconscious mind to act, think and trade like a professional.  

It does not happen right away; it takes time; there is a gestation period just as there is a delay as you tune the dial of a radio. Patience is a requirement with this, and the impatient will make no progress at all. 

The objective is to believe that you are already a profitable trader. To truly believe it.

You must try to visualize the profits rolling in effortlessly. Accepting the losses as if they were nothing. Remembering to always think in probabilities and remaining focused and concentrated. 

If you place a trade and feel a rush of anxiety, remind yourself that you are already successful and repeat the mantra that you are a professional trader. Remember to feel it deeply and keep going no matter what. 

Sit and visualize what it would be like to actually be that professional trader managing millions of dollars, enjoying every day behind the screens and in the ‘war’ room. See yourself placing excellent trades and following your plan religiously. Imagine yourself making withdrawals frequently and achieving the goals you have always set out to achieve. 

How to Start Visualizing

A routine will need to be established, and it must be strictly followed. It will only take 10 minutes, spread out over 3 moments during the day. Right when you wake up, in the middle of your trading session, and then a few minutes after your session. Begin with simply relaxing and taking some deep breaths, then slowly transition into ‘daydreaming’ about how great it would feel to be an incredibly successful trader. You need to feel it, imagine the great trades you are placing, and see the plan you have outlined being followed perfectly. Observe yourself being calculated and disciplined, always following your rules and trading like an unstoppable force. 

For this technique to work, it’s paramount to understand that without the passion moving toward it, there will be no real change. When you visualize the progress, do so with intent and as much force as you can withstand, then simply release it and live in that new state.