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The Correlation Between The Markets And The Economy

Presently, the markets and real economies entirely seem to lack correlation. Even within the financial markets, equities or bonds/gold appears to be telling a different story.  Financial markets Vs the economy relationship The real economy conveys the present situation (essentially, the macro statistics speaks about past event). The financial markets mark-down the future. What this means Read More…

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USD Stagnation Causes Mixed Feelings: Short-Term Economic Boost Vs Long-Term Effect As A Safe Haven

While some people think the 2020 sudden fall in the relative value of the dollar will boost the economy of the US, some analysts worry that it may affect the global standing of the dollar. Although the two views reflect essential realities, none of them captures exactly the complete story. A USD fall of roughly Read More…

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Market Overview and Economic Outlook of Major Currencies

The economic growth of countries is estimated through their GDP, which is determined by two components: population growth and productivity of labor. The productivity of labor shows the ability for enhanced output from the available amount of labor in the economy. US Dollar (USD) The announcement also provided support to the USD, against the precious Read More…

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Amazon and Facebook Equity Prices Soar High and Beat the Q2 Consensus Figure

Facebook (FB US) equity price showed a rise of 6.5 percent against the consensus figure for the Q2 market income expectation results. The report released showed a Q2 20-revenue increase of 18.7bn US dollars which amounts to an additional 11 percent year by year growth. The recorded figure grew higher than the projected consensus income Read More…

Asian Stocks Outperform Western Stocks, and the Bullish Movement Could Increase Returns
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Asian Stocks Outperform Western Stocks, and the Bullish Movement Could Increase Returns

Asian stocks are currently doing better than the U.S. and European stocks. The major cause of the upbeat stock prices in Asia is China’s ability to recover faster from the COVID-19 induced economic recession. This created the notion that some regions in Asia have succeeded significantly to control the Coronavirus pandemic. This saw the MSCI Read More…

Popular 60-40 Investment Formula for Stocks and Bonds Faces Scrutiny
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Popular 60-40 Investment Formula for Stocks and Bonds Faces Scrutiny

A swift slide in treasury revenues contradicts the world’s popular 60-40 investment schemes utilized around the globe. The old investment style of mixing investment assets by following the 60% stocks and 40% bonds-formula has hit a big resistance. Investors have started using this investment scheme since the 1950s when the modern portfolio theory exploded.  The popular Read More…

The Rising US Unemployment Figure Delays Labour Market Recovery
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Rising US Unemployment Figure Delays Labour Market Recovery

The number of Americans that applied for employment benefits heightened at an unprecedented rate for the second week. The increase in the rate of unemployment shows that the expected labor market recovery is slowing down against expectations.  The previous numbers of people who regularly claimed unemployment benefit reduced by 60,000 to 1.48 million last week Read More…