Chidi Mills
Cloud Computing
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How Cloud Computing is Contributing to One of The Hottest IPO Markets

Cloud software and data companies are driving the IPO market amid the COVID-19 business precarious situations. We have presented below a few of them that may benefit you. The end of September saw the largest Software IPO announcements. One of the most influential among them is the Snowflake (SNOW), a data warehousing company that assists Read More…

Natural Gas Futures
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Natural Gas and Lumber Make a Second Consecutive Quarterly Gain

Commodities made a high record for the second consecutive quarter on the 30th of September. The best-performed commodities futures are the natural gas and lumber. This made the Bloomberg Commodity Index (BCOM, -0.32%) to post a rise of about 9% in the third quarter of 2020. In the second quarter, the index rose by about Read More…

European SWOT Market
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Analysis of Futures: European Futures SWOT

The formulation of EU policy among other things depends on the well-timed discovery of long-term global trends. Tactical thoughtfulness is vital for driving EU domestic policies and to offer coherence and uniformity to the European Union’s external action. This brings together common institutions and individual states. This article shows an overview of the strength, weaknesses, Read More…

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Analysis of Futures: Long Term Trends SWOT

COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruptions in the financial and commodity markets, globally. The impact is equally felt in the US oil and gas sector with an unprecedented fall in the energy demand.  The aftermath of COVID-19 could trigger long-term shifts in global commodity markets and this could affect commodity exporters and importers. High transportation Read More…

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Analysis of Futures: Commodity Groupings SWOT

Strengths The platinum market made a rebound from the March lows because the investor’s demands for precious metals has overshadowed the influence of poorer demand for platinum-based spurs from the locomotive industry. Platinum is performing well with a 3.45 percent rise irrespective of the shutdown.  ETFs made an extra gain of 73,044 troy ounces of Read More…

Fed approach to inflation
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US Federal Reserve Shifts From Inflation to Price-Level Targeting

The Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell declared a flexible tactic of aiming at inflation that lets it surpass the intended 2% level temporarily if this level has been undershot before. The aim of the alteration tactics is to increase the inflation rate after many years and this is when it becomes the Read More…

commodity market and convenience yield
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Convenience Yield Commodity Trading Strategy

Convenience yield is the profit or premium you get when you buy and hold an underlying asset, inventory, or physical good, in place of the security derivatives or futures contract. Convenience yields of products have a close relationship with the storage of such goods or commodities.  Nonetheless, the storage levels and the prices of the Read More…

US election
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US Presidential Election Is The Key Upcoming Political Event

The main political uncertainty in the U.S. is the presidential election, scheduled for the 3rd November. Also, the apparent difference between the political programs encouraged by the Republicans and the Democrats is incredible. Democratic contestant Joe Biden has been maintaining the leading position in the polls for a few months ago, however, his lead diminished Read More…

Chinese Economy
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China Has Continued To Remain the Fastest-growing Economic Area After the Outbreak Of The Pandemic

After the coronavirus pandemic came upon the world having originated from China, it suddenly haunted other parts of the world. When the lockdown began to ease all over the world, China began to experience major growth in the economy and, in the last quarter, China hit a firm and an unanticipated 3.2 percent growth. This Read More…