Saqib Iqbal

Saqib Iqbal is a financial market analyst, serving the industry since 2011. The author is a mentor, providing training to individuals and organizations. Moreover, Saqib is a successful proprietary funds trader, managing a six-figure sum with an average annual ROI of 45%.

Fundamental Analysis

Gold Edges Higher as Banking Sector Worries Persist After ECB’s Hike

On Thursday, gold prices increased marginally, rising back toward recent highs as worries about the banking crisis persisted in the wake of the European Central Bank raising interest rates. The European Central Bank increased interest rates by 50 basis points on Thursday despite the chaos in the financial markets. The bank ignored investor requests to Read More…

Fundamental Analysis

Gold Ends Sharply Higher as Treasury Yields Dip

On Thursday, gold prices surged as Treasury yields fell due to indications that the Federal Reserve’s restrictive policy is starting to take effect as intended. Investors were also preparing for Friday’s highly anticipated release of the Labor Department’s February jobs report. The dollar fell from a nearly three-month high, gold increased, and benchmark US Treasury Read More…

Fundamental Analysis

Investors Dump Risk Assets After Powell’s Hawkish Remarks

US equities ended Tuesday considerably lower after Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell informed Congress that the central bank would probably need to raise interest rates more than initially anticipated. Powell warned US lawmakers that the Fed is prepared to raise rates in more significant increments, sending stock investors running for safety. Future economic data might Read More…