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Euro (6E) futures

Euro FX Futures (6E) bounce off point of control support level

Technical analysis The bulls are in control as the Dollar weakens. The Euro is strengthening, and it’s evident on the chart.


Equities Climb as Credit Suisse Deal Reassures Investors

US equities increased on Monday as investors were reassured by a deal to save Credit Suisse and moves by central banks to boost

Trading view front

Currency Futures Rise as Dollar Softens on Recession Worries

Currency futures rose, and the dollar dropped on Friday as markets became more nervous and worried about the possibility of a recession due

Nasdaq (NQ) Futures: Technical outlook

NQ rallies, Dollar falls Nasdaq has rallied off the 0.236 Fib level at $11,967.50. There was a significant amount of

gold futures

Gold futures (GC) soar as Dollar falters

Gold soars 8% in 2 weeks Last week Tuesday marked the recent low for GC as it has rallied hard on the back

Gold Edges Higher as Banking Sector Worries Persist After ECB’s Hike

On Thursday, gold prices increased marginally, rising back toward recent highs as worries about the banking crisis persisted in the wake of the