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European Stocks Catch the Bullish Message from Euro’s Momentum

The message is clear for investors when the euro is strong: a safer bet amidst the chaos of the U.S. The eurozone economy currently has a promising picture for the coming months. While the rest of the world struggles to switch gears, the UE policies may be taking the lead. Last month, the euro had Read More…

The Top 4 Tech Companies that are Blooming in the Post-Pandemic Era
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The Top 4 Tech Companies that are Blooming in the Post-Pandemic Era

The Coronavirus havoc has weakened the poorer and strengthened the rich 1. Amazon The Seattle-based e-commerce giant has grossed no less than $401.1bn during the lockdown period. Although their worldwide logistics comes at a price during the crisis, at around $4bn, the profit margins are large. The Jeff Bezos’ multinational soon became the only emergency Read More…


EUR is Turning an Uncertain Political Landscape into an Opportunity

As many countries come back to the new mainstream steadily lifting prohibitions, there is no agreement on the recovery of the eurozone fund. The EUR/USD rate has escalated from 1.08 last March to around 1.12 nowadays showing signs of improvement for the euro. In the next months, though, there is the need for a compromise Read More…

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A Fresh Viewpoint on Pricing and Revenue for Financial Institutions is Possible

The financial sector has been also hard-hit by the global crisis following the COVID-19 outbreak. One major consequence is the downfall of the stock market that has reduced the value of the client’s assets managed by banks and other entities. While loan inquiries stack, the credit risk rises at the same time, thus producing more Read More…

Putin and Trump

Putin and Trump Debate Oil Markets Comeback Ahead of the OPEC+ Meeting

The presidents of the USA and Russia, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, gathered a few days ahead of the producer’s alliance to review the OPEC+ deals and the forecasts of incoming cutbacks in the crude production. Last Monday, the Kremlin stated about the conference between both presidents that the multilateral agreement backed by the American Read More…